Indian classical music basics

Why Indian Classical Music?

Indian Classical Music is,

  • Euphonious
  • Harmonious
  • Meditative
  • Melodious
  • Soothing
  • Inspiring
  • Pleasant
  • Mystic
  • Aesthetic

Indian Classical music is the ancient music & raga system originated in the Vedic period (1500– 500 BCE) preceding pre historic Indus Valley Civilization.

Indian cultural traditions has a great faith in the power of sound. The science of sound, intonation & music has been considered vital in many facets of life such as in rituals, in yogic – spiritual practices, in healing, in learning & in evolving. Importance of ‘AUM’ in Indian scriptures, rituals & yogic processes is the best example of it.

Indian Classical Music has its own uniqueness in its structure of notes & semi notes, time – season theories, improvisation methods, temperament, Rag – Rhythm combinations & mystic connections. These qualities makes the effects of Indian classical music as a blend of holistic healing, aesthetics, Philosophy & Spirituality.

Indian Music contains unique raga system, consisting of various combinations and permutations of notes with the existence of microtones and adornments, which opens up finest possible frequencies available to ear for creating a needed therapeutic effects.

The raga carries a specific & distinct pattern of notes which creates a distinct feel in mind and body. Same is the case with Tala (rhythm pattern)
Indian classical music has its own unique time & season theory. Each raga has been allotted a specific time period. Some Raga have their allotted season too.

Rendering or listening to the raga in its allotted time period & season creates the optimum effect on body & mind of the listener which moderates the psycho-physiological effects of related time & season.
Indian classical music has its own connection with the Yogic anatomy and chakras of the body along with the five elements which are considered as an originator of life.

Proper application of Indian classical music helps in healing the diseases by influencing on the energy flow of the being.

Each instrument has its role in the human mind – body system. May it be a string instrument, wind instrument or Percussion based instruments. Role of all these different instruments can be used in creating a desirable therapeutic effect.

Indian Classical Music expresses mystic significance of life and helps in bringing divine thoughts. It gratifies the soul of the listeners. The ragas create a consoling and transcending attitude of the mind, elevate the listener to an ethereal plane and purify the knots of the mind through devotion, the supreme sacrifice.
In other words, Indian classical music helps in finding one’s own lost inner tune and helps in being euphonious with the self.