It was best feeling I have ever seen. I believe music is ever best therapy. I was a patient of depression, I have continued to listen to music for 3-4 years. I am perfectly normal now.
Mr. A.Nanavati

Music Therapy has improved my Depression

I have found considerable reduction after listening to music given by the centre in my anxieties, specially related to health and business. My sleep improved a lot.
Mrs. R. Shah

Music Therapy improved in Generalized Anxiety Disorder

There is a significant reduction in my body pain. My addiction of painkillers is no more. Thanks to the music
Mr. A.Dubey

Music therapy improved my painkiller addiction

My examination stress induced heartburn has been vanished by the music provided by the centre. I feel at ease while reading and preparing for the exams.
Dr. D.Desai

Music therapy has helped in my gastritis

My sleeplessness has improved just within the duration of 6 days of listening the raga suggested by Dr.Kedar & Dr.Parth. Truly it's the most harmless way to get relaxed & stay healthier. Best wishes to team euphonious

Mr. K.Sharma

Music Therapy improved sleeplessness

I am taking music therapy for my child since more than 5 months & I have seen him significantly improving in his comprehension abilities & behavioral issues. Most importantly he enjoys the music therapy sessions too much.
Mrs. Tomar

Music therapy improved autistic traits in my child

I was depressed because of several reasons but the main out of it is a pain of losing a loved one which I was unable to accept inspite of lot of effects. I was in the depression since more than a year because of the same. Music therapy at euphonious centre helped me a lot to come out of it. I am without any anti depressants & sleeping pills since last few months now.Music is really a miracle remedy.
Ms. Joshi

Music therapy helps a lot in coming out of depression

My son is seven. He can't speak properaly & he remains more aggressive too because of incapacity to convey his feelings many times.With 3 months of music therapy at euphonious healing centre Ahmedabad he is much more confidant & calmer now. His speech has also improved significantly.
Ms.S. Vyas

Music therapy improved speech problem & behavioral issues of child